Recognized as a leading organisation for talent mapping and analytics, we are proud to use PeopleTree as our modelling platform.

PeopleTreePeopleTree is a software and consulting firm that focuses on talent analytics. The company was founded in 1998 and has developed relationships with clients in 47 countries with software available in three languages. PeopleTree has both clients and offices in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, United States, Central & South America as well as India.

PeopleTree’s goal is to empower HR and line executives with the same robust business (people) intelligence that is used to make financial, operating and marketing decisions. Their clients are spread across many industries, including financial services, logistics, telecommunications, higher education, manufacturing and more.

Our partner brings together three key capabilities needed to make talent management a sustainable process:

  • Smart, cost effective technology
  • A well-researched talent information platform and
  • A focus on integrating people data and business decision making

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