Organizational Structure Audit



Making Hard-to-See Organization Realities Visible

At OrgMetrix we work to find and fix problems of organization structure and strategy implementation. The starting point is the Organization Structure Audit in which organization structure and work force analysis tools are integrated with tools for evaluating cost and financial performance

OSA-Prjct-StrctrAn Organization Structure Audit [OSA] is a three-part methodology for documenting, measuring, and evaluating the organization structure of an enterprise … including analysis of the effect of organization structure problems on enterprise financial performance. By leveraging data from existing systems – HRIS, Budgeting – an audit requires minimal client staff time but produces a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of where the organization meets [or does not meet] key criteria or ‘markers’ of effective organization structure. Audit output includes comprehensive statistical and financial reports plus graphical reports and an analysis database which can then be used for modeling prospective improvements.

An OSA is a platform for improvement. Working with audit results, executives can identify specific organization issues [structure/talent/processes] which most impact profitability, productivity and employee engagement. The results of the OSA become the starting point for prioritizing key strategic organization development initiatives.

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Organizational Structure Audit

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