Organization Design



Because Structure Matters

org-vue-flex-org-designOrganization structure is more than the boxes and lines on an organization chart. A well designed structure will define the formal authority and accountabilities exercised by people in those roles. It will be aligned with the work processes that operate across roles. And it clearly profiles the informal relationships which fill the empty spaces outside the boxes. In short, organizational structure matters – shaping every decision, process and goal in a company.

Common problems in organization design include

  • Slow decision making and inability to execute effectively
  • Lagging organizational performance as compared to peers
  • Inability to drive innovation and anticipate customer demands
  • Faltering employee engagement
  • Excessive turnover of key high potential employees

At OrgMetrix we help leaders use organization design and talent analytic tools to find and fix problems of structure and strategy implementation. Pulling data from finance, HR, and operations, we are able to glean new workforce insights, model different business scenarios and implement organizational change faster.

In order to focus on the financial impact of organizational design, clients can engage with us to do an (OSA)

Organizational Structure Audit