Leadership Development






Development – Leading with Competence

The wisdom and future vision of mature leadership doesn’t come easy. But it is a powerful factor influencing the ability of an organization to create present and future value. Every organization has the mandate to increase both, but few organizations have the measurement technology necessary to invest precisely in its human resources to achieve defined objectives in a specific time frame.

Managerial leadership exists to solve operational problems and to smoothly pave the way to future accomplishment. Effective leaders “see” solutions and “make sense” of confusing decision spaces. And they grow over time in their ability to resolve increasingly complex problems. At OrgMetrix we visualize this progressive growth as building mental models that enable understanding of increasingly complex systems – the ability to see and evaluate probabilistic interrelationships that escape others. True “high potentials” have a high upper limit and can build mental models quickly.

Our focus at OrgMetrix is to apply assessment and analytic tools to measure individual potential to create higher-level mental models, to identify what developmental experiences are most important in developing potential, and the likely time required to reach a given level of capacity. When used in our Talent Mapping simulation tool, these measures enable systematic evaluation of alternative development strategies – maximizing the future value of current investments. Our tools also are unique in identifying “high potentials” who grow quickly but then “derail” at enormous cost to their organizations – leaving holes that cannot easily be filled.