Dynamic Talent Mapping


If you’ve ever sat through a Talent Review meeting, you’ve heard the litany of words used to label people – ‘high potential’, ‘core performers’, ‘key talent’, ‘technical pros’.  The words  sound good, but they don’t really help all that much to evaluate current capacity  of people – the organization’s human resources – in the perspective of strategic planning to grow future capacity.  The problem is that strategic planning demands quantitative measurement.  Labels just won’t do.

At OrgMetrix we combine metrics in two domains – people and organization – to create a powerful solution to this problem.  In the people domain, we do individual assessments taking into account both the person’s current capacity in their present role, and their future capacity – in terms of their potential for future growth and the time they may need to achieve it.  In the organizational domain, we estimate role requirements – particularly cognitive – at different levels of work in various career progression pathways.  We then quantitatively map future potential against future requirements over time to enable  realistic strategic human resources management.

The OrgMetrix approach is foundational, both for the strategic plans to create future value, and the developmental insights necessary to grow human resources potential.  Our MENTOR® assessment system identifies high potential early performers, and differentiates them from apparent high performers who are likely to be “derailed” at later times.  MENTOR® also suggests developmental pathways to best capitalize on high potential individual strengths and intrinsic interests.  The result is development that ensures the right level of capability in the right spot at the right time to satisfy future human resource requirements.